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Golfe de la Rondinara

Golfe de la Rondinara

Located in the magnificent setting of eastern Corsica, this mooring will delight you with its turquoise waters and sandy beach. Protected from winds coming from the North to the South via the West, this anchorage with its sandy bottom guarantees a good hold even if it remains open to the East.

Location details: 41.46822293607428, 9.267730509076085

Ile lavezzu

Ile lavezzu

Located in the extreme south off the coast of Corsica in a protected wild cove of the Lavezzi Islands, Cala Lazarina is a jewel of Corsica’s natural heritage. Its geographical location makes it protected from almost all winds. The sandy bottom (beware of a few rocks) of the shallow waters of the anchorage will let you enjoy this unique place in all tranquillity.

Location details: 41.36796547082348, 9.260301563846845

Cala di Roccapina

Cala di Roccapina

Well protected from winds coming from the West, North and East, the anchorage ensures a good holding in its sandy bottom but rocks are reported by some boaters: be careful! The moorings, in addition to being well protected, is located in a dream setting.


Location details: 41.49404640763252, 8.931978169264239

Port of Bonifacio

Noël Beretti Pier


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