Any questions?

To help you, here are the questions frequently asked by boaters and visitors to the port.

Is it possible to book by phone or email?

No, reservations can only be made via our website or our application under the heading “Reserve a seat”.

Is it mandatory to reserve a place in the marina?

It is not mandatory to make a reservation, but only a reservation can guarantee you a place at your arrival.

Does the rate include water and electricity?

The price is “all inclusive”, it includes the berth, water, electricity, WIFI, sanitary facilities and waste water pump

Do you have a wifi code?

Yes we have a free wifi code for boaters

Are the bathrooms open 24 hours a day?

No, the sanitary facilities close 30 minutes before closing time. The toilets are freely accessible and the showers are free with a token if you are a yachtsman

At what time can we arrive at the port?

Your reservation place is free as of 12:00 and must be vacated at that time. Do not hesitate to contact the Harbour Master’s Office if you wish to report early or release the position later. Depending on the size of the ship, we are also able to welcome you at any time of the night.

Port of Bonifacio

Noël Beretti Pier


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Tel : 04 95 73 10 07

On-call phone: 06 13 45 70 34

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