Find good practices and information for the protection of the environment

Located in the south of the Gulf of Ajaccio, the Valinco’s maritime facade extends from the Cupabia beach in the north in the Taravo valley to the Campomoro point in the extreme south. A variety of colors that illuminate the Gulf of Valinco: When the blue of the sea melts into the horizon and the gold of the sun impregnates its radiant color it makes you want to swim. Also, the sand of our beaches in Propriano, the emerald green tinted river in Baracci and that of the scrubland that embellishes our mountains and that the ocher reflects on the rock … Don’t daydream anymore and come and discover it without waiting.

Good practices mandatory in our port

Use the micro-dump for recyclable, special and toxic waste from boat maintenance

Use a water gun

Notify the harbour master’s office in case of pollution (oil or others …)

Limit the consumption of fluids (water and electricity)


Donia is a community-based application for navigation and anchoring outside of fragile ecosystems. It allows all sea lovers to benefit from precise marine maps enriched with multiple information on land and at sea.


These poignant images highlight a major environmental problem: the impact generated by the anchors of large pleasure craft on the seabed, particularly on Posidonia meadows.

What to do in case of emergency?

In case of pollution, boaters are asked to contact the harbour office via VHF 9. In case of closure of our administration we ask you to contact the on-call service by phone at 06 20 39 24 99

In case of fire, if the harbour master’s office is open we ask you to contact the harbour master’s office via VHF 9.

If the administration is closed we ask you to contact the fire department directly at 18.